8th Grade Eligibility

Minimum age requirement of 14 years.  

Policy for 8th graders:

  • 8th graders are eligible to play if they meet the following criteria:
  • 8th graders must be 14yrs old by 9/1/2016.  If they are 13 they are not eligible.
  • 8th graders are allowed to play against 15 and 16yr olds who are freshmen and sophomores.
  • 8th graders may not participate against Juniors or Seniors in high school.
  • Must obtain written permission by their guardians and coach.
  • All parties must sign/ complete the 8th Grade waiver

All parties must sign and complete the 8th Grade waiver and forward to the Executive Director , via, email- info@rugbycolorado.com or mail - PO Box 1581, Denver CO 80201