High School Academic Eligibility

High School Rugby will adhere to the Mountain Vista Eligibility Policy

  • Student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes which offer, in aggregate, a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie units of credit per semester and must pass a minimum of the equivalent of 2.5 Carnegie units.
  • Eligibility will be checked on a weekly basis.  A grade report will be run each Thursday starting with the 4th week of each semester and be provided to the head coach.  Any student who is not passing a total of 5 classes will be ineligible to participate in an interscholastic competition for the week beginning the following Monday.  
  • No make-up work shall be permitted after the close of the semester and/or the weekly eligibility check for the purpose of becoming eligible. A “condition” (incomplete, unfulfilled outcome, etc.) shall, for the purpose of determining eligibility, count as a failure.
  • Along with the above CHSAA requirements, a weekly grade eligibility report is run on Thursdays and given to head coaches. If a student has 1 or more F’s, the student-athlete must bring their failing grade up to a passing grade in order to regain eligibility to compete for the following week (Monday-Saturday). After receiving notification from the head coach, the student-athlete MUST stop by the athletics office and obtain a gold eligibility card. This card must then be filled out by the student-athlete and provided to the teacher to document the grade has been improved and also to sign the card. The card MUST then be returned to the athletics office, dated the Friday of the week the report is run so the coach can be notified of the grade status.